Current Students

Welcome back to UNC Charlotte, 49er! Let us know how we can help you finish your degree.


advising-graphic  ADVISING

  • View the 49er Finish Checklist to help you re-enroll and register for courses.
  • Complete and return any forms required to finish your degree such as an Academic Petition or Transient Study Form as designated by your advisor.
  • If a class you need for graduation is closed, please contact us. We will do our best to help you get into the courses you need.
  • Have questions about your return to UNC Charlotte? Looking for a one-stop resource for all things 49er Finish? Take part in the 49erFinish discussion board in Canvas! You can post a question, comment on an existing discussion board, or live chat with another 49er Finish student. The page also includes easy access to campus and online resources for your every need as a readmitted student!
    • Two steps to join the discussion:
      1. Log into Canvas using your NinerNet ID and password
      2. Look under courses for Project - 49er Finish Program

      Don’t see the course? E-mail to get enrolled!


  • Review the Osher Reentry Scholarship, Carol A. Douglas Reentry Scholarship, and OASES Scholarship to see if you qualify to apply. Over $100,000 was awarded last year to adult and non-traditional students through the Office of Adult Students & Evening Services. Awards range from $500-$3,000 for the academic year. 
  • Apply for UNC Charlotte Scholarships through the new NinerScholars Portal. Build your scholarship profile to be matched with scholarships that you may be eligible for. You can apply for all scholarships that you qualify for with one application. Over 500 scholarships availabile. 



cap-and-gown-icon GRADUATION

  • Ask your advisor about applying for graduation. To earn your diploma, you must apply for graduation in the first few weeks of the semester you intend to graduate.
  • Review the commencement ceremony web page to get your questions answered.
  • Share your story as a 49er Finish graduate to help motivate and inspire others to complete their degrees!


Remember you are not alone and you can do it!
There are about 5,000 adult and non-traditional students on campus.
We have over 1,000 graduates through the 49er Finish Program!