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Advising and Encouraging Readmitted Niners to Stake their Claim: Working with Readmitted Students

Readmitted students have already invested a lot of time and money into completing their degree!  As a University, we've spent money recruiting them to UNC Charlotte as freshman or transfer students. We currently have two categories we process as readmit students:  The 49er Finish Program Students and readmitted students.   All readmit students are former degree seeking undergraduate students of UNC Charlotte. If you have never been an undergraduate student, seeking a degree, you will not be considered a readmit student.

The 49er Finish students are our senior (90 hours and above) that have stopped out and readmitted.  These students are recruited by the OASES office to return to the university.  We work closely with major departments to offer specialized advising to answer the particular question about general education changes and major requirements.  We also offer information on transitioning back into the university for students that have been out several years.

Students will begin the readmission process by completing an online application form. This is for UNC Charlotte students who were here previously. They will create a portal account and apply when it the application is open for the term. They pay an application fee, except for 49er Finish Students, and submit an official transcript for review. This is where your role begins to kick in.

Below, please find some points to consider when advising and meeting with these students who have been removed from the university for a sometimes extended period of time.

Considerations in Advising:

  • General Education Changes/Requirements
    • Graduation audit concerns
    • CAPP/DegreeWorks vs. manual graduation audits
  • Change/Elimination of Degree Programs
  • Transfer Credit Limitations
  • Financial Aid
    • Readmission does not grant aid eligibility
  • Appealing Forgiveness/2 Year Rule
    • Low GPA
    • Do they have this option?
  • Orientation
  • Adult student concerns
  • Senior residency requirement (last 30 hours)
  • Academic petitions

Want a quick reference to contacts around campus that can help with readmission and considerations in advising?

Print out our cheat sheet for Advisors here!



school-icon     For Stakeholders:

Looking for ways to expand your work with readmitted students to make the process more streamlined and simplistic in recruitment? Below are our suggested actions to implement in Advising and Advising Centers:


  1. Develop a protocol for advising readmit students within the departments
  2. Establish routine exceptions the department will approve
  3. Determine a list of older curriculum that can be substituted for new courses
  4. Advise other Advisors on new "rules" that may hinder graduation (repeated attempts and time limitations on courses)
  5. Design a webpage for readmitted students
  6. Monitor denials for graduation and intervene if necessary
  7. Develop an outreach plan for when students are unresponsive
    1. Advising students on the readmission process and try to alleviate miscommunication about return


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